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Individual advice and customer satisfaction are very important to our company.

We help you to pursue your personal goals and adapt them to the different situations of your life by managing your finances so that you have less worries.

Both the quality of our services and the interpersonal relationships are essential values ​​for Smart Finance. We guarantee individual step by step advice. 

With Smart Finance, everything is possible!


Active in the financial intelligence areas, we are changing preconceived ideas about over-indebtedness. Our ultimate goal is to create a debt management academy that will allow everyone to have access to financial education. 

We were founded in December 2018 and are based in Zurich, Switzerland. Our roots are in the Broye-Vully region in the canton of Vaud.

Our customers are located in all regions of Switzerland.



We are convinced that a relationship of trust and the quality of our relationship with our customers are the most important values.


Clear communication and simple information are the values ​​we are committed to. A transparent pricing policy adapted to your situation is a guarantee for our cooperation.


Regardless of the degree of personal information you provide us with, we guarantee an efficient investment process that respects your privacy at all times.



Nathalie Mfomkpa, a young woman of commercial profession. Dynamic and always looking for new opportunities, she has a passion for finance and tries to always be up to date with the latest news and developments in this area. Over the years, she became very interested in issues of debt and over-indebtedness.


The idea of ​​smart finance was born in 2014. Implementing various ideas in other areas enabled her to acquire knowledge at the level of entrepreneurship on the one hand, and on the other hand to consolidate her primary idea.


In December 2018, this idea came to life and took shape.